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Buy MDF Boards Online, there are MDF options to suit all budgets and requirements, but even premier-grade MDF boards are more affordable than solid lumber and deliver excellent face properties for the thinnest laminates and surface coatings for several interior applications.

MDF boards have become incredibly popular for their versatility – they can be used for numerous projects, from children’s toys to speaker cases, cabinets, and even snooker tables. Our various sheets are also perfect for this, as our standard-grade MDF, moisture-resistant MDF, Fire Retardant MDF, Veneered, and Melamine each have their strengths to highlight. For more information on what MDF board to choose for your project, see our Guide ‘Choosing the Right MDF’.

Most commonly used in construction or DIY, our standard-grade MDF sheets deliver phenomenal properties in strength and durability such as for wall panelling and shelving in closets. This is made all the easier when we can provide our MDF cut to size saving time and fuss.

Moisture-resistant MDF sheets, also known as MR MDF, contain a moisture-repellent resin that provides increased resistance to humidity.

For a high-quality polished finish, our crown-cut veneered MDF sheets elegantly add a laminated finish to our standard MDF wood. The result is similar in quality to alternative veneered plywood, enhanced by the uniformity and colour of the wood veneers.

The result of this is a sleek, modern, and clean-looking melamine MDF cut-to-size sheet.

ch we are easily able to provide MDF cut to size, to suit a variety of projects.


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