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A2 wood pellets for sale

ENplus A2 wood pellets are a type of high-quality wood pellets that have a diameter of 6mm. These pellets are made from environmentally friendly pine wood and do not contain any additives. They possess high-performance characteristics, such as a high calorific value, low ash content, and humidity. Additionally, these pellets do not slag nor form cakes.


Buy Enplus A2 Wood Pellets, we offer an ecologically clean cylindrical granular material that serves as an effective fuel source for both industrial and domestic furnaces. Pellets are available at the best prices in Portugal, as compared to other manufacturers.

Our production process uses modern European equipment to produce and sell pellets. Unlike many other manufacturers, we follow all the required processing steps during production to ensure that our pellets have excellent characteristics, such as high return temperature and low ash content.

Some manufacturers neglect the manufacturing rules, and as a result, their granules may have a high moisture content, high ash content, low heat transfer, and cake layers on a pellet burner. We do not allow such omissions in our production process.



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