Wood Shavings For Sale

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Buy Wood Shavings in bulk

Wood Shavings For Sale. Where to buy quality certified wood shavings in bulk at wholesale prices from pine wood exporters with guaranteed and reliable.

  • Dry softwood white shavings
  • Approx 20kg bales
  • Dust Extracted
  • Medium sized flake
  • Excellent absorption
  • Easy to muck out
  • Waterproof Cover
  • Pallet load available on request

Wood Shavings For Sale

Wood Shavings for sale, Premium Quality bales, suitable for a wide range of animal bedding including horses, cattle, dogs and poultry have been specially designed for horses, flowers and poultry, chicks and other birds.

• Moisture content 12-18%. Avg. 15%.
• Bulk density 185 Kg/m³
• Dust free, No bacteria
• Greatly reduces the risk of accidental rolling
• Will not carry easily into the feed or the drinkers
• Improved thermal properties, warm & comfortable
• Easy to use, a bedding suitable for use in most spreading equipment


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