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Wood chips are small pieces of wood formed by the chipping of trees, branches, stumps and wood waste. Wood chips can form a much more uniform fuel that can flow and can be fed to a boiler, gasifier or other conversion system as a steady flow using an auger feed or a conveyor.

Buy Wood Chips Online

Buy Wood chips online are small pieces formed by the chipping of trees, branches, stumps and waste.

Wood chips may have a bulk energy density of about 40-50% of that of solid wood.

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Standards for wood chip fuel are used to describe the particle size characteristics and the moisture content of the chips, but they can also describe variables such as ash content, limits for contamination, calorific value and bulk density.

The sizes given relate to the sieve hole diameter.

Moisture Content

Moisture content – wet basis i.e.  mass of water as a percentage of the wet weight
M15 Less than or equal to10%
M20 <=20%
M25 <=25%
Then in 5% increments up to 55%


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