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Oak trees are very slow-growing and don’t reseed readily. It is one of the most recognizable trees. Oak wood is dark brown and it is a hardwood.

Buy Premium Hardwood Firewood

Buy Premium Hardwood Firewood, we supply firewood from various sources. Oak firewood, Beech Firewood, Alder Firewood, Birch firewood, Pine Firewood

Cleaved firewood is possible to get in different packaging: 22 and 40 l bags (after special request), usually in 1m3 and 2m3 boxes. The packaging is also adjustable according to your requirements.

Premium Hardwood Firewood

Premium Hardwood Firewood Logs are user-friendly, premium quality kiln-dried logs perfect for your wood burner, stove, log burner, firepit, chiminea, or wood-fired pizza oven.

We offer different packing and loading systems based on clients’ requests.

Premium Softwood Firewood

Burn Them In Wood Burning Stoves, Log Burners and more. High-Quality Briquettes – Burn Them In Wood Burning Stoves, Fire Pits, Log Burners & More. Sustainably Sourced. Ready-To-Burn Accredited


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